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Product Name: ETL Listed 46 Inch 50W LED Shop Light / Product ID: 2020529111412


The LED shop light features a rugged treaplate design chassis with bright chrome finish. High lumen output is sure to supply sufficent lighting where needed. Built in 15 amp convenience grounded outlet allows for external plug in of up to 8 additional fixtures. Comes complete with hanging chain, power cord and pull switch. Energy saving integrated LED's means there is no need to replace lamps.
Shipping Dimensions: 47.87 H X 7.25 W X 3.50 D .
Shipping Weight: 5.125 Ibs


Brightness: 5500 lumen output
Save up to $95 in operating costs over the life of the fixture Vs. comparable T8 fluorescent lamps
Integrated LED's last up to 50,000 hours, eliminating the need for lamp replacement
4000K - Bright white color temperature
Solid metal construction with stamped treadplate design and white difuser to disperse light evenly
Cold weather start down to -20 F
15 Amp convenience outlet can be used to link up to 8 units

Hanging chain set included
5’grounded cord and plug
Easy On/Off pull chain

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